PickType specializes in 3D configurators for commercial vehicles
It is fast

Instant update of: price, weight, load dimensions, etc.
Looking professional

PDF quotations with realistic product preview.
Easy to update

Define and maintain all your calculations in a spreadsheet.
Ready to grow

Unlimited users, roles management.
Going international

Multiple languages - add new transitions on your own.
Example implementations

Alloy Bodies Ltd

Allports Group

CAB Karosser Falkenberg AB

Legend Fleet

How to get it done?
Step #1

Contact us for a demo and your requirements assessment.
Step #2

Get a quote for our customiszation and 3D modelling services.
Step #3

Provide products photos and specifications. Our team will create all 3D models needed.
Step #4

Get involved in final tests to prepare your 3D Configurator for the production launch.
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